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Restore The Glory Podcast

May 25, 2022

Jake and Dr. Bob are joined by two special guests: Fr. Burke Masters and Dr. Tom Nelson. As experts in their respective fields, the four men discuss integrated healing of the whole person: body, soul and spirit. They draw on their experience of working together at healing retreats through the JPII Healing Center and share how integrated healing has changed the way they minister. We hope this blesses you!

Key Points:

  • Healing has to do with wholeness and communion - no matter what angle you’re approaching healing from (body, soul, spirit), it’s important to keep the whole person in mind
  • Sculpting, ‘Visio Divina’ and the power of touch for integrated healing
  • Dr. Tom and Fr. Burke’s experience with leading healing retreats based on Dr. Bob’s model
  • Dr. Tom discovered integrated healing as a skeptic who attended a retreat from Dr. Bob
  • Fr. Burke also discovered integrated healing Dr. Bob’s and his book ‘Be Healed’
  • Dr. Tom and Fr. Burke share how practicing integrated healing has brought them joy in their fields

Practical Application:

  1. Consider whether you give weight to one area of healing over the others: body, soul and spirit (mind). How could you approach your own healing or the journeys of those around you in a more integrated way?
  2. Explore a new method of prayer using Visio Divina.


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