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Restore The Glory Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

Jake and Bob walk step-by-step through the practicals of the healing process using the Immanuel Approach. This episode is packed with practical content that you’ll want to revisit again and again. 

Note to listeners: there was an issue with Jake's audio in this episode and we are working to fix this for future recordings. Thanks for your patience.


Key Quote:

[In the Immanuel process], the goal of healing is connection with God - Jake


Key Points:

  • The disposition of our hearts and receptivity to grace
  • How self awareness helps us respect the process
  • Our interpretation of events matter - do we fear our triggers or see them as God wanting to heal us?
  • A complete walk-through of the steps in the healing process, based on the Immanuel Approach (see the practical application)
  • We can have pre-verbal memories that are attached to wounds
  • Types of barriers: vows, judgements, lack of forgiveness, unconfessed sin
  • Renunciation of vows and the announcing of God’s truth/ blessing


Practical Application:

  1. Draw your attention to God. Recall a positive memory of connection with God or others and allow it to overflow in an expression of gratitude to Him. This is called the ‘Immanuel Moment.’
  2. Now, bring to mind a moment of recent distress or disconnection. What is it that you’re feeling in that moment? What are you ‘believing in the feelings’?  
  3. Ask Jesus to show you the root of the distress; don’t try to figure it out yourself.
  4. Identify the painful experience and corresponding belief.
  5. Ask the Lord to reveal what He desires for you to know. 
  6. If you begin to feel ‘stuck’ in the process, there is likely a barrier present. Address the barrier using a corresponding technique such as renunciation.
  7. Test the fruit: go back to the original memory and original distress and sense if there is peace. If difficult emotion is still present, go back and repeat the relevant steps.  




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