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Restore The Glory Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

Jake and Dr. Bob get practical about the healing process and provide examples of what it looks like to allow Christ to be the Healer. 


Note to listeners: there was an issue with Jake's audio in this episode and we are working to fix this for future recordings. Thanks for your patience.

Key Points:

  • Examples of inner healing happen throughout Scripture
  • The pattern of healing through Christ looks like this:
    • Always begins with an encounter with Jesus, Him seeing the person and their true dignity
    • Jesus speaks the truth with hope and love
    • Jesus offers himself as a remedy
  • The Raising of Lazarus is a great analogy of our woundedness and healing through Christ
  • There has to be awareness and desire for healing to take place. This takes humility.
  • We have to understand what what it means to be human in order to enter into healing
  • Begin the process of healing by deepening self-awareness and identifying where you are currently struggling
  • Let Jesus be the Healer, rather than worshiping the process
  • Some insights and specific examples modeling prayer ministry as part of the healing process
  • Examples of internal barriers to healing

Practical Application:

Begin your healing journey by praying about questions that Dr. Bob posed: 

  1. Where am I struggling in my relationships? 
  2. Where are the areas of habitual sin? 
  3. Where are the desires that are disordered in my life, even if I’m not acting on them? 
  4. Where am I struggling emotionally in situations?


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