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Restore The Glory Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

When we understand and exercise right judgement then we can offer and receive mercy, which leads to healing. Jake and Bob break down the role of mercy with helpful analogies and discussion to draw a more complete picture of healing. They also take a look at what happens when we get judgement wrong.

Key Quote:

Without the presence of the merciful Father, we are delivered up to our faults, without any possible remedy.  There would be no forgiveness of error or sin.  No place for weakness, frailty, or failure, all of which are nonetheless a part of our lives. - Fr. Jacques Philippe, Priestly Fatherhood

Key Points:

  • Bob illustrates with examples how mercy cannot exist without right judgement 
  • The opposite of wrong judgement leads to false or cheap mercy
  • Mercy is the what leads to healing
  • A sound anthropology is needed for real healing
  • Mercy is a combination of truth and love
  • Hesed = an Old Testament word for God’s mercy and love toward his people, an undeserved kindness and generosity
  • Misericordia = a heart for our misery
  • Jake and Bob share personal experiences of experiencing hesed and misericordia
  • The importance of remembering our encounters with God’s mercy
  • Notice what captivates you, and notice what challenges you


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