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Restore The Glory Podcast

Oct 12, 2022

In response to the previous series on same-sex attraction, Jake and Bob begin a new series on Judgement, Mercy and Healing from a Catholic lens. The first topic on the table is Right Judgement as they address the tension between ‘we have to judge’ and ‘we can’t judge’.

Key Quote:

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us - Matt 6:12

Key Points:

  • Jake and Bob revisit some feedback from the series on same-sex attraction 
  • The umbrella of truth that underpins the entire podcast 
  • Catholic anthropology is the basis of good therapy
  • Subjectivity as defined by JPII
  • How the parable of the prodigal son illustrates Bob and Jake’s approach to the podcast
  • Defining right judgement and false judgement
  • The tension between “we have to judge” based on objective truth and “we can’t judge” because justice belongs to the Lord
  • The important distinction between sharing truth and the way in which it’s shared
  • The backlash against judgement has manifested in the woke community
  • Cancel culture
  • What Scripture says about judgement


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